The advantages of open floor plan kit homes should be considered before you select a home that has interior doors and broken up space. Depending on your unique lifestyle and specific needs you may decide that an open floor plan is just what you want. But careful thought should be given to the choice.

Choosing a floor plan that will work for you is essential if you are going to be happy with the end result. The point is that you may enter the home of a friend and be impressed with a particular floor plan or design. The home might be beautiful and look as if it belongs in a magazine. It may also work perfectly for the family that lives there. However, selecting a floor plan based on looks alone can present problems later.

How To Choose A Floor Plan

The ideal floor plan for you and your family will be one that meets your specific lifestyle needs. If someone in your family has a disability that makes using certain house features more difficult then you will definitely want to consider that and make necessary adjustments. For example, wheel chair access will mean you need wider hallways and more spacious rooms.

If you have a large furniture item that will be used in your new home then you will need a space that is not overpowered by the item. That will allow you to fully enjoy the large furniture item without feeling that it is taking over an entre room. Your goal will be to use every square foot of the space in your home.

That is why the first step to choosing a floor plan is careful consideration to your particular needs. If you do not need four or five bedrooms then you may opt to have that square footage added to the primary living or dining area. One of the great things about kit homes is that they are versatile.

Uniquely Yours and Yours Alone

Large or small houses that have open floor plans have a feeling of spaciousness. This can offer a true sense of invitation. Perhaps it is the fact that once you enter the home there are virtually no secrets about what is hiding behind doors or in other rooms.

These floor plans can be ideal for a single person or a couple, and are especially great for families with children who enjoy spending time together in the home. Again, you should carefully consider your personal needs and desires when planning your space design.

Open floor plans offer great flexibility of use. You can easily have the entry door open to the living area one week and with a simple rearrangement of furnishings the next week it can open to the dining area. The open floor design makes it easy to move furniture around as your needs change.

By adding flexibility to the use of your space you will find new ways to enjoy each area. If you enjoy looking out at a particular view from your office in the summer but not so much in the winter you can easily move your office to another area during the cold season. Perhaps during the warm months you entertain and use the barbeque often. If so you may decide to move comfortable furniture near access to the deck area in order to increase the entertainment area.

Indoor entertainment areas can easily be increased in a home with an open floor plan. All that is necessary is a simple furniture rearrangement. Instead of having seating areas located through the home you can move them to one section.

If you or a family member has a disability that requires the use of a wheel chair or walker an open floor plan will be ideal. Senior citizens also enjoy large living areas that do not have a lot of tight doorways and difficult to operate door handles. Persons with severe arthritis often have problems turning door knobs and manoeuvring tight corners and narrow hallways.

There are many advantages of open floor plan kit homes. Your home will showcase your individuality, personality and creativity. At the same time you will be creating a home that meets your personal needs and wants. This will make your home your sanctuary and it will be exclusively yours.