Kit homes are specifically designed for owner installation. But it is much better to use a professional installer or building supervisor unless you have plenty of experience. There is probably not a single construction job ever completed that did not run into unexpected circumstances. That is when years of experience can quickly overcome obstacles that can slow down construction.

Kit homes are growing in popularity in Australia as high quality construction materials and design varieties have become available. The kit home is inexpensive compared to a traditionally constructed home of the same style and size so more and more people are choosing this alternative. It is possible to save money by constructing the home yourself, but it is highly recommended you use a professional installer or building supervisor if the budget allows.

There are many reasons for this recommendation.

* Unexpected construction issues can be professionally and quickly resolved
* Assurance local building codes are met
* Home is built to fire safety standards
* Home can be customized for additional wind-proofing
* Engineered specifications for assembly are met
* Assistance with difficult problems that arise
* Assurance home is assembled by a licensed and experienced installer
* Ability to get quick answers to questions
* Assistance with locating licensed and trustworthy plumbers and electricians
* Assistance with final inspection
* Assurance all fittings and components are properly installed

Of course, some people choose to use a professional installer because they want to do everything possible to avoid possible delays.

No Squeaky Floors

It is really annoying to walk across a floor and have to listen to a squeak each time. A professional installer knows how to construct your kit home so that it is built as solid as possible. The goal is to leave all squeaks out of the construction!

There are thousands of owner-installed kit homes in Australia, but it is a task that should not be taken on unless you have complete confidence you can handle the process. Although kit homes are inexpensive, they need to be built according to exacting specifications in order to be as durable as possible. A professional installer or a building supervisor has learned what works and what does not work through experience.

If you are ready to buy your kit home, it is highly advisable to also choose professional assistance with the construction.