Bathroom remodeling is usually a product of a homeowner looking around his / her existing bathroom and saying, “This just isn't doing it for me anymore.” The need for something new and exciting has a strong pull, and when it comes to remodeling this important room in your home, the options are nearly endless.

Remember, though, that remodeling your bathroom isn't easy, and you need to have a level head so as to know what you're really getting into from the start. As such, here are seven frequently asked questions when it comes to remodeling your bathroom:

1. How long will this project take? There is no set answer. It depends on just how 'big' you're choosing to go in terms of the project scope. You also have to keep in mind that depending on where you live, some layout changes for fixtures may require permits, not to mention the construction needed to adapt your current space for anything new.

2. How can I get ahead on the project planning? Here's where your vision needs to take shape. Web searches, architecture and design magazines, you name it. These should become part of your strategy in finding what it is you want to have emerge in your project.

3. What kind of budget should I have in mind? Depending on how much you plan on doing during your remodeling project, it varies between households. That said, deciding on a figure ahead of time can help keep you in line when it comes to final details in the design.

4. Will this remodeling project become a nightmare? The reason you hear about so many horror stories about bathroom remodeling projects is because the work that was done was done poorly. This is why it pays to ask questions & become invested in the project from beginning to end. Otherwise, you'll be another bathroom remodel horror story statistic.

5. How do I find a trustworthy contractor? Do your research. With as many resources as you have at your disposal, there's almost no excuse for not finding the right contractor. Moreover, keep in mind that this is a bathroom remodeling project, a project many might see as unnecessary. This means you have the time to invest in checking out references, as well as asking for bids & even free estimates.

6. Where should I plan to invest the most? Again, if you have a weak spot for a certain style, your expenses will fall on flooring, fixtures, the shower, or even built-in space. It's all up to you & your family's needs.

7. What kind of return on investment (ROI) can I get from remodeling my bathroom? According to realty experts, remodeling a bathroom can go a long way in netting significant returns when selling your home. They do advise, however, that remodeling can be very personal, and your tastes, if extreme enough, may work against you.

Bathroom remodeling elicits questions, so no matter if you're part of the hip scene of your local big city (ie, Austin, TX) or in the American Midwest, don't be afraid to find the answers, and certainly don't settle for what's good enough.