Some people opt to do their own sidewalk construction instead of hiring a sidewalk construction company. It does not matter if you are building a new sidewalk or replacing one that already exists there are certain mistakes that you want to make sure you avoid. You want to make sure that you are pouring a sidewalk that has a dependable surface and is safe for your family and friends to walk on safely.

Pouring the concrete before you have prepped the base

If your base for your sidewalk has not been prepped correctly and you pour in wet concrete it can result in having a cracking or sinking sidewalk. To prepare your base correctly you need to have a compact base. This base needs to contain two inches of crushed rock, sand, or gravel. Make sure that your base is not spongy before you pour your concrete.

Uneven forms

In order to make sure that you have a straight even sidewalk you need to have your form straight and even. Having this type of form will shape your sidewalk as the concrete dries. Make sure that your form is straight and even before you start because it hard to correct after pouring concrete. Make sure that you have measured your form for uniform width and that it is level.

Wrong height

Make sure before what height you want your sidewalk to be before you begin to build the form. Sidewalks can be ground level or the level of the driveway, other parallel sidewalks, garden retaining walls, etc.

Having a base where there are roots growing

Roots, especially if they are growing roots, will most likely to continue to grow. This is especially true if they are from large live growing trees nearby. Overtime the growing roots will eventually expand. As these roots grow they will inevitably cause your sidewalk to crack or rise.

Slippery surfaces

If you live in an area of ​​the country that has a lot of icy or snowy conditions you want to make sure that you do not make your sidewalk surface smooth, promoting slipping and sliding during these winter conditions. You can avoid this by using a stiff-bristle brush or pulling a broom across your sidewalk as the concrete has set up but is not completely hard. It will give your sidewalk a rougher, less slippery, effect.

If you are not sure you can pour your own sidewalk and avoid these mistakes call a sidewalk construction company to pour your sidewalk. They have the experience and tools to do it correctly.