· Misconception # 1 – Adding concrete borders to an existing landscape will make a mess and probably destroy your favorite bush or lawn that you worked so hard to get just right. Or, you think that you can't install edging after you have installed sprinkler systems, lighting, flower beds or fencing.

This is not so. In fact, there are minimal invasive techniques used to integrate concrete edging into your existing landscape. There is no digging to place forms, only removing sod to a 1 “- 2” depth. The extruder equipment is about ½ as wide as a lawnmower, SO No heavy equipment will be on your driveway.

When Creative Edge leaves, everything is back in its place as before, plant life undisturbed, and prettier than ever with its new beautiful, creative, and defining concrete edging that will put the best accent that you could possibly do for your landscape design.

· Misconception # 2 – It takes a lot of time to prepare for landscape edging and have installed.

Not true – We take the preparation out of the equation for you, from start to finish and give your yard a makeover that will last a lifetime.

All you have to do is call the office to schedule an appointment to get your free written estimate which takes around ½ hour for the estimator to prepare. It is good for one year, so you are not rushed into making your plans. You just show them your ideas (which can even be done via digital pictures and e-mails). With our years of experience, we can quickly access your needs, create a professional and functional design around your existing plants and hardscapes, and charges are based on footage installed! The day before implementation, all you have to do is pick up after your pooch, mow the lawn, and mark your sprinkler heads.

With the custom mixing & installation system that only the “Original” Creative Edge has, and by using experienced craftsmen to install and trowel the edging, you can be assured it will be done right the first time. Anyone would be impressed watching our efficient crew transforms your landscape in a matter of hours (we average about 100 'per hour). It will finally look like what you have imagined for years (or better)!

Once your creative concrete edging is in place and has cured at least 24 hours, it is durable (it can handle 3,000 psi after fully cured at 1 week), resistant to the elements, will stand up to your lawn mower or weed eater (you can even drive over it with your riding lawn mower and not damage it).

· Misconception # 3 – and probably the most elusive piece of the puzzle is cost.

Most people are pleasantly surprised at the affordability of Concrete edging. It is not as much as you think. For about the same price as you will pay for temporary products such as, plastic yard edging, wood, or even new composite products, you can have permanent concrete landscaping borders that last a lifetime. It runs anywhere from $ 3.25 per foot up to $ 5.50 per foot for colored and stamped curbing. Our experienced craftsmen can even match your aggregate walkway or porch. Not only is it comparable, but imagine not having to do the work yourself. How much does that cost you in an aching back, time off work or paying your neighbors kid to help you? Let us compare for you and you will see that your dreams are just around the corner.

Quality is number one, and on the job service second to none. Let your dreams become a reality, don't buy another quick fix, get the right product for your dream design, concrete curbing a lifetime of beauty and joy. You will find that once you have the Original Creative Edge installed by our crew, and worked with our staff, you will never want to go anywhere else for your edging. We know that you will wonder how you lived without it and will never use anything else!