Made of metal, wood, tile or marble and in several shapes and designs, kitchen countertops and islands do set the scene for work and social meetings. Would you rather have them made of granite or marble, travertine, limestone or slate?

Why not quartzite? The tough metamorphic rock known as quartzite began life as sandstone. Intense heat and pressure transformed it over time into quartzite with an exceptional strength and long life. Heating gives rise to recrystallization with a pretty pattern. Quartzite makes excellent countertops with all those winning qualities.

In the designer world of contemporary times, a diversity of materials has proved wonderful to design the kitchen and island countertops. Besides the wonders of Carrara and Calacatta marble, zinc and concrete, wood and limestone are some ways to set the home apart with fabulous designs to get conversations started. Colors need to match or contrast with the rest of the roomscape, creating special effects that excite.

Countertops that resemble Incredible Waterfalls

Recent trends have been favoring waterfall countertops. They make stunning appearances when set up well with the right materials and techniques. You would certainly love them. Like a right angle corner at the top sides of the countertop, the waterfall descends from the edge like the water rolls off the waterfall. Falling off the edge of the cabinet, it resembles a continuous surface that blends with the side. Many designs for countertops are sold and it is a matter of choice to choose this neat and sharp edged style. Further, some practical considerations deem it an efficient choice.

Minimize scratches and damage

Just imagine the usual wood islands that have to face the wrath of densely populated areas all day long and particularly on party occasions. The result would be scuffs and scratches from kids and pets, adults too, as they work. Natural stone manages very well to avoid such complications. Years and years down the road and the island and cabinets continue to look new and clean with a little maintenance.

Covert storehouse of essential supplies

In the secret shelter of the waterfall would be found ample space to store appliances and sundry smaller items.

Tolerates wetness and spills

Besides the kitchen, waterfalls are effective in bathrooms too, as a barrier against water and moisture.

Personal preferences vary and some want a farmhouse or the traditional, modern, European or rustic design. Waterfalls fit into every design scheme as a powerful focal point.