Have you ever looked around your home and thought that your floors could use a touch up? Perhaps you've been in the kitchen preparing a meal for your family and find yourself lamenting at the state of your countertop. Maybe your house is outdated and in need of a remodel, or you're just in the mood for something new. Adding a specialty surface can change and entire home instantly. One of the new favorites is polished concrete.

Why Choose Concrete?

When thinking about concrete, many of us envision the hard cobbled sidewalks that run through our towns, or the hard gray driveways that line our neighborhoods. While those are realistic views of concrete, the truth is, concrete is much more versatile than that and has many advantages. Of course you can use concrete to pave your driveway but there are a lot of other reasons why you should consider polished concrete for your next commercial or residential interior project. Concrete is longer solely meant to be out doors:

Cost Savings – One of the benefits of polished concrete for an interior, or exterior floor, is that there is no need for the traditional floor covering materials. Other flooring options require additional floor covering material before the actual flooring can be installed.

Longer Life – It is very hard to damage a concrete surface. Concrete by its very nature is made to withstand heavy machinery. It would be very difficult for your family to damage it. Other materials are much more vulnerable to damage from scrapes and spills.

Easy to Clean – One of peoples favorite benefits is concretes ease of cleaning. Simply sweet or mop the dust and dirt away. There is no need for any special cleaners or supplies.

Resistant to High Foot Traffic – This is particularly helpful for commercial projects and busy homes.

Resistant to Moisture Issues – The way installers conduct the concrete hardening allows the floor to breathe solving any issues that may arise from moisture.

Sustainable – Polished concrete does not need any hazardous coating, cleaners, or adhesives, leaving your air clean and healthy.

Options – There are a wide variety of colors, styles, and polishes that can be added to your concrete surfaces to achieve just the look you want.


The real reason why the majority of households and businesses will select polished concrete over other alternatives is because of the number of variety available. Concrete can come in an incredible array of colors and designs. Almost anything you can think of can be designed with polished concrete. One of the added benefits is the high degree of shine that polished concrete can give off making it appear like polished marble or granite. Marble and granite can be extremely expensive to install but with polished concrete you don't need those high-end materials. You can get the same look without spending as much. In addition stains can be added during the polishing process to create top-notch looks. If you have a particular style or idea in mind, mention it to your contractor, I bet it can be done.