Investing in art is one of the most expensive but fulfilling experiences a homeowner can do. Having art in the home increases its value and makes the place more predisposed to creativity and intellectual discourse. More than home accents, real art can make the home look even more beautiful but cozy at the same time. It makes the place a living and breathing piece of history and guests can have a field day just enjoying the amazing output of some of the great artists right inside your home, whether it is hanged on the walls or placed by the hallways.

Once you have amassed a number of artworks, some changes in the way the house is maintained should be in order. Some renovation is needed to ensure that these artworks are well taken care of and maintained to keep their marketplace and value and to be able to enjoy them forever:

1. Limit the heat inside the home.

If oil or acrylic paintings are your passion, then managing the heat inside the home is necessary to prevent the paintings from literally fading or melting. It does not have to be the same frigid temperatures as a museum or a library, but the heat should not be so overwhelming.

One way to do this is to wall off the kitchen so that the heat will not affect the whole house especially if there is only one floor and the house has an open layout. Another option is to increase the hoods in the kitchen to suck in the heat when cooking. A natural way to do so on the other hand is by adding in some fresh plotted plants inside the home especially in corners where heat is concentrated.

To save up on costs, installing split type air conditioning is best to maximize the cold air from one source in all parts of the house.

2. Manage the natural light coming in.

Light from the sun can really erode or affect the colors of art over time due to UVA and UVB. The best way to enjoy natural light and not affect the art pieces is to manage it with the way the windows are positioned. For the bedroom, blackout curtains, which truthfully can be quite pricey, ensures a dark room all day which is good to maintain the art pieces and also for a good night's sleep so it's still a smart buy.

3. Invest in UV protected glass.

Hanging up art pieces is much better than storing them. But do so with caution by investing instead in UV-protected glass at all times due to reasons in number 2.

If you are planning to move art around or thinking of moving to another home, do invest in double backing your paintings by wrapping them first in brown paper, followed by bubble wrap, and placing cardboards in between paintings to ensure they will not scratch each other . Place it in a box and make sure the artwork side is upright.